Hi friend! Crystal Cnvrstns here.
I'm glad you're here and I hope you're ready. 
I'm here to share the joy in both spoken and written form

regarding some of the messiest of life's struggles and

the most day to day mundane mood dampers. 

I will even take time to recognize those unexpected snares & hangups 

that seem to be interrupting your momentum toward big things.

No matter where you find yourself,

I'll be meeting you with authenticity, education, tools, and real talk. 

I want to see you grow, consider innovative and effective new approaches,

and genuinely see the joy in all this life has to offer. 

In each Crystal Cnvrstns you'll find here, you'll see me push you to grow and heal in some way.

Then eventually, it will be your time to go out and share the joy with others.


Act Justly. 
Love Mercifully.

Walk Humbly.

Micah 6:8


Upcoming Events

Educators & Stress Navigation (VIRTUAL)
Wed, Aug 19
Aug 19, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Best techniques to navigate your stress levels and apply your gifts in a time where many educators find themselves and their students in unpredictable and uncharted territory.
Crystal Cnvrstns with....
Fri, Jun 05
Crystal Cnvrstns with.... [Special Guest]
Jun 05, 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Crystal Cnvrstns with.... [Special Guest]
Crystal Cnvrstns with... Jacqueline Rech
Fri, May 15
Zoom Recording
May 15, 9:00 AM
Zoom Recording
When you meet someone who inspires you, pours into you, or stirs you on to be a continually growing version of yourself - you are forever grateful. "Crystal Cnvrstns with..." is an online series where leaders, influencers and lovers of people are highlighted to share wisdom from their journey.

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